Poll Results: Strong Public Support for the MRTA Bill Across Swing New York Senate Districts

A recent poll from Change Research of 2,323 likely November 2020 voters in seven swing New York State Senate Districts from June 6 – 9 shows:

  • There is significant majority support for the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act within each district,
  • Voters in each district are more likely to vote for elected officials who support the MRTA, and
  • Women and independents are supportive of legalization generally and as a solution to budget deficits.

The senate districts are SD-5 (Gaughran), SD-6 (Thomas), SD-8 (Brooks), SD-35 (Stewart-Cousins), SD-37 (Mayer), SD-39 (Skoufis), and SD-40 (Harckham), and the poll’s targeting and weighting yielded a representative sample within each district. The poll asked respondents three core questions and the results are presented for each district.

Download the poll results memo