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Tell Gov. Cuomo: We Need Marijuana Justice

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Right now we’re at a very critical moment that will determine the fate of marijuana legalization – and justice – in New York.

Help us shape the future of reform by urging Gov. Cuomo and your NY lawmakers to end marijuana prohibition and repair the harms that it has caused to our communities.


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I urge you to legalize adult use marijuana in New York in the upcoming legislative session and ensure it’s done with equity, reinvestment, and justice at the core by passing the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA).


New York must lead the nation in legalizing adult-use marijuana in a way that is responsive to the massive problems generated by criminalization. To legalize right, a significant portion of marijuana tax revenue should be reinvested in the communities that bore the worst of the arrest crusade and are now doubly hurt by COVID-19 deaths, job losses, and business closures. The communities that are on the frontlines of the current health and economic crises -- in addition to shouldering the legacy of harmful marijuana enforcement -- must be the center of our legalization and rebuilding effort.


Smart legalization must also include funding the social equity incubator program from day one and providing low- and zero-interest loans. Having “equity” licenses will be meaningless if there are no true avenues for small businesses without deep pockets to participate in New York’s cannabis industry. And reform must also allow home cultivation and include long-awaited improvements to our medical program to better support patients’ needs, including priority access to whole flower.


I’m asking you to please do everything you can to pass the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act because we need comprehensive marijuana legalization that centers community reinvestment and equity in the upcoming legislative session. Thank you.

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Pick up the phone for #marijuanajustice 📞 and tell @nygovcuomo, @CarlHeastie, and @AndreaSCousins to say you support the #MRTA. Help us #PassTheMRTA and put New York on the pathway to economic and racial justice after decades of failed drug policies:

Let’s flood Governor Cuomo, Speaker Heastie, and Leader Stewart-Cousins with calls for #marijuanajustice! The #MRTA is the way to legalize cannabis in New York state:

Tell @nygovcuomo, @CarlHeastie, and @AndreaSCousins that you want the economic opportunities the cannabis industry will bring AND justice! Tell them you want to #PassTheMRTA and ensure restitution and reinvestment in impacted POC communities: